Sumatra Gayo Pendi

  • Pendi is a producer in Sumatra with a farm in Kute Panang at 1,500masl. Although the wet-hulled, orgiling basah, process is the most widely adopted processing method in Indonesia, Pendi applied the natural process to this lot of Ateng Super green coffee, yielding complex flavors and a variety of fruit notes that complement a syrupy body. Most farmers and wet mills employ the wet-hulled, orgiling basah, process for coffee from Indonesia. However, some regions like Kute Panang have been eager to adopt other processing methods, like the natural process, to diversify their offerings. After ripe cherries are harvested, they’re sun-dried on plastic sheets or specialized drying containers for three to four weeks, depending on weather conditions. Producers turn the cherries frequently to ensure they all dry evenly and to prevent mold and rot. Due to Indonesia’s humid climate, it can be challenging to have dry, sunny weather for weeks at a time, making natural Indonesia green coffee lots like this a rarity.
  • Variety: Ateng Super.
  • Medium Body with Medium Acidity
  • Notes of Strawberry, Hibiscus, Brown Spice and Black Tea.
  • Process: Dry Natural.
  • Light Roast
  • 12oz Whole bean or Ground
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