Costa Rica Tarrazu

  • Costa Rica is a pioneer of coffee processing methods like the lactic anaerobic process. The process begins with a carefully hand-sorted selection of super-ripe coffee cherries with a high Brix score and optimal sugar content, which feeds the anaerobic process. No water is used during the fermentation stage, and the sugars are transformed into lactic acid, intensifying aromas and sweetness and translating into unique flavors in the brewed coffee. Once the lactic anaerobic fermentation process is complete, the coffee is 100% sun-dried to maintain quality. is the most famous and highest producing coffee region in Costa Rica.

  • Variety: Caturra and Catual.

  • Medium Body with Medium Acidity

  • Notes of Black Cherry, Cane Sugar, Hibiscus and Vanilla.

  • Lactic Anaerobic Fermentation

  • Light Roast

  • 12oz Whole bean or Ground

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