Colombia Monte Frio

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Coffee Description:
  • Cupping Notes: Jam, Honey, Blackberry, and Black Cherry.
  • Full Bodied.
  • High Acidity.
  • Naturally Processed.
  • Single Origin.
  • Micro-Lot.
  • 12oz. Bag.

Finca Monte Frio is a 233 hectare coffee farm that stretches across two departments in Colombia, Hulia and Tolima. Monte Frio has been in the Rivas Family for four generations, dating back to 1902. Antonio Rivas founded the farm before passing it down to his son Hector Rivas who owns the farm to this day. Hector’s grandchildren, Paula, Vanessa, and Esteban, inherited their grandfathers love for coffee and work closely on the farm with him. His “favorite granddaughter” Paula manages the farm which employs up to 100 people during harvest.  


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  • Elevation: 1680 meters
  • Producer: Various Smallholders
  • Varietals: Castillo, Colombia
  • Milling Process: Natural
  • Drying: Raised Beds
  • Harvest: February 
Colombia Monte Frio Coffee