Guatemala La Morena

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Coffee Description:
  • Cupping notes:Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Red Fruit, Almond, Black Cherry
  • Medium Bodied
  • Medium Acidity
  • Process: Washed
  • 12 oz. Bag 

We are thrilled to offer La Morena as a platform to showcase the work of women farmers across Guatemala. In Guatemala, it’s been incredibly difficult for women to compete and thrive in the coffee world due to gender inequality and historically coffee has long been a male-dominated industry.

Genuine Origin started the La Morena program in 2016 featuring four female producers. In four years, we are proud to be importing La Morena coffee from 23 woman-owned farms!

With volcanic peaks and mountains across the country, Guatemala has unique coffee growing regions. The mountain ranges help to create the country’s unique micro-climates. With the rich soil left behind in the wake of volcanic activity, Guatemala has the ideal conditions for coffee production!

Guatemala La Morena Coffee Bag