Tanzania Mwangoka

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Coffee Description:
  • Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Red Currant, Pipe Tobacco.
  • Medium Bodied.
  • Mild Acidity.
  • Naturally Processed.
  • Single Origin.
  • Micro-Lot.
  • 12 oz. Bag.

Coffees from Tanzania are typically wash-processed, so this natural from GD Mwangoka Farm is surprising in its juxtaposition of dark red fruit (akin to black cherry) and a sweet earthiness reminiscent of wet slate with undertones of dark chocolate and amber. Gently tart acidity and full, syrupy body. This fruit-driven coffee would easily work as a single-origin option on the espresso bar. 

GD Mwangoka Farm is a privately-owned farm, named for it’s first owner, the late Mr. Grivas D. Mwangoka who died in 2021. The farm and milling operations are now under the supervision of Grivas's son, Mr Richard G. Mwangoka.

One of the few native-owned medium farms in the region, GDM farm boasts 81,000 coffee trees, a thriving coffee nursery with 19,000 young trees and a sophisticated milling coffee operation on its 90 acre plantation. At capacity, the farm can produce 200 – 250 metric tons of parchment per year

  • Origin: Tanzania Region: Songwe, Mlowo 
  • Producer: GD Mwangoka Farm Processing: Natural 
  • Harvest Schedule: May - August 
  • Variety: Bourbon 
  • Altitude (MASL): 1450-1850
Tanzania Mwangoka Coffee